Kistler sensors measure forces during crash tests

Services for crash test applications

Who knows his products better than the manufacturer? Original Service by Kistler is the one-stop solution coming directly from the global market leader in dynamic measurement technology. We deliver vehicle testing services that match the quality of our tried-and-tested products and solutions. Our global footprint – with tech-centers in the main automotive hubs in the US, China and Germany – ensures that we are close to the customer.​​​​

All from a single source: Kistler is a one-stop solution provider for crash test services

Service lifecycle vehicle testing application

Performing crash tests is a costly endeavor, where wrong measurements can have a significant impact on your development budget. With the Kistler Original Service we ensure that crash-test dummies and data acquisition systems gather the relevant data and acquire the insights you need. Along the development cycle of your vehicles we offer you the right services to complement our products in order to have efficient processes. Together with an European OEM Kistler has setup an on-site facility in the customer crash-test lab for closest support on crash-test dummies. Get in touch with us for a customized partnership tailored to your service requirements.

Set-up & enable

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Efficient setup of crash tests and vehicle instrumentation

Being fast in the setup and conduction of crash tests saves vehicle development costs. The Kistler Original Service supports you by enabling your technicians with our specific knowledge. Our THOR dummy and its DTI technology coupled with application specific services give you a competitive edge in efficiency and quality. The CrashDesigner software is the ideal application for carrying out successful crash tests.

  • Specific trainings for test engineers
  • DTI integration of existing equipment
  • Maintenance contracts for CrashDesigner
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Efficient maintenance of crash test equipment

Trust in the reliability of the measurement equipment is fundamental for events with such high costs as crash tests. Our advanced technology makes it easy to readjust everything after calibration. In this way you are sure to always have the best possible equipment at hand.

  • Fully integrated on-site service solution
  • ISO17025 calibration of equipment
  • Sophisticated KiDAU maintenance

Continuous precision & norm compliance

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Development of new vehicles continues to be more resource intense. Testing innovations is a necessary step to deliver compelling products to your customers. Compliance with relevant norms, such as the IATF16949, is nowadays indispensable. The Kistler ISO17025 accredited calibration laboratories have the competence to ensure that your measurement equipment is in a proper working condition. Continuously calibrating your equipment is the basis to build trust in your measured data. We are also happy to advise you how to properly set up the maintenance of your measurement equipment.

  • Calibration in accredited laboratories
  • Training on ISO17025 norm
  • Consulting in test equipment management