Electromechanical joining systems, servo assembly presses

Servo presses - electromechanical joining systems with maximum energy efficiency.

The integration of process monitoring has become a factor of increasing importance in industrial production. It is especially the field of press-fit and joining applications where the electromechanical NC joining systems made by Kistler tower head and shoulder above conventional systems: They play a significant role in the cutting of energy costs, the increase of system utilization and the overall boost in production efficiency. Offering a comprehensive range of cutting-edge joining systems for the force range of up to 700 kN – from compact standardized single modules to custom designs tailored to the customer's specific requirements – Kistler is setting new standards on the global market. Learn more.

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Frequently asked questions

How do Kistler's servo assembly presses improve production efficiency?
Kistler's servo assembly presses offer precise force control and real-time monitoring, resulting in faster and more efficient production processes. This helps reduce cycle times and increase productivity.
What makes Kistler's electromechanical joining systems stand out from the competition?
Kistler's electromechanical joining systems are known for their high precision, flexibility, and reliability. They also offer real-time process monitoring and data analysis for improved quality control.
Can I use the Kistler electromechanical joining system for different applications?
Yes, the versatile design of Kistler's electromechanical joining system allows for use in a wide range of applications, providing precision and reliability in each one.