With our calibration services, sensors from Kistler and third parties deliver maximum measurement accuracy.

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Utmost measurement accuracy is our top priority

We recommend regular calibration of all the measurement solutions you operate – from Kistler and also from other manufacturers – to ensure your measurement results are precise and reliable at all times. You can also take advantage of our service agreements to comply with legal provisions or requirements defined by standards, and to maximize the value of your investment throughout its lifetime.

Calibration services by Kistler are available throughout the world. We also offer on-site and in-situ calibrations. Benefit from our professional service, aligned to national and international standards – also available in the form of traceable calibrations in laboratories accredited to ISO 17025, if you so wish.

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Statement of conformity and decision rule

Learn about statements of conformity in calibration certificates for traceable calibrations and the decision rules behind those.

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