Wheel torque transducer P109 with measuring range up to 9,000 Nm to extend Kistler RoaDyn series

Winterthur, June 2024 - Electrification, active vehicle dynamics control and rolling resistance measurements for CO2 reduction increasingly and simultaneously require higher loads and more precision in vehicle development and testing. The Kistler group therefore launches a new wheel torque transducer for heavy cars, SUVs and vans – it combines all proven benefits of the RoaDyn series with an extended measuring range of up to 9,000 Nm (high range) or 900 Nm (low range) respectively.

Changes in vehicle development, driven by shorter model cycles and innovative propulsion concepts, push measurement technology to its limits: larger and heavier cars as well as electric powertrains and active vehicle dynamics (torque vectoring) require higher loads than before. On the contrary, increasing efficiency demands and rolling resistance measurements call for an even higher accuracy of parameter identification. With the new RoaDyn P109 wheel torque transducer, customers can measure tractions torques (My) of up to 9,000 Nm without leaving behind the known accuracy advantages of the RoaDyn brand from Kistler.

The new RoaDyn P109 wheel torque transducer from Kistler is applicable for vehicle development.
With the P109 wheel torque transducer featuring a measuring range of up to 9,000 Nm, Kistler extends its successful RoaDyn portfolio for vehicle development to the area of heavy cars, SUVs, vans and electric powertrains.

Simple and quick mounting plus two independent measuring ranges

The wheel force transducers were developed in close collaboration with the automotive industry. They replace the rim star of the wheel and transmit the traction torques – captured very precisely with piezoelectric quartz sensors – to the onboard electronics in the vehicle; the wireless signal transmission is carried out by the telemetry module. Mounting the wheel torque transducer is comparable to changing a standard wheel and can be completed within less than 15 minutes – for alignment with different vehicles, additional adapters are available.

Thanks to the two independent measuring ranges (high range up to 9,000 Nm, low range up to 900  Nm) it is possible to easily measure small traction torques very accurately even with high axle loads. The signals are electronically amplified directly in the wheel and can be transmitted digitally to a customer’s data acquisition system. The RoaDyn P109 wheel force transducer is lightweight, comes with a low moment of inertia and offers four temperature channels to integrate additional K-type temperature sensors. The operating temperature ranges from –25 to 80°C.

Universal wheel torque transducer for vehicle development

Apart from vehicle dynamics measurements in vehicle development, the RoaDyn P109 wheel torque transducer is also applicable for powertrain analysis of NEVs as well as evaluation and validation of control and ADAS systems. In addition to that, the new wheel torque transducer from Kistler shows its strengths in gear development, brake tests and mandatory safety tests.

The new wheel torque transducer for vehicle weights up to 3.5 metric tons is on sale from May 2024 on and will be available in rim sizes from 13 to 20 inches (more sizes on request).

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